Fidelity Investments – A Review of Fidelity’s Forex Trading Platform

forex trading fidelity

Fidelity Investments has been involved in the financial markets for more than 75 years and has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner. The broker offers a wide variety of services and has implemented modern trading technologies into their platform. Its own platform, Active Trader Pro, is fully mobile-optimized and includes an array of technical analysis tools and analytics from experts.

The Fidelity research note must disclose information relevant to the trader. The information must be at least 45 days old. This is to avoid any conflict of interest. Fidelity does not permit its customers to trade securities that are restricted to certain types of investors. The company requires clients to make a complete disclosure of all securities they are holding.

Fidelity offers a wide variety of account types. It does not charge a commission for trading on some instruments, and it only charges a small percentage for other asset classes. The company also offers a demo account where newcomers can practice their skills. For this purpose, the client needs to provide a scanned copy of their national ID, driving license, utility bill, and three months of bank statements. Fidelity also offers some of the best customer support in the business. Its customer service department is available around the clock.

Fidelity’s trading platform offers 190 currency pairs. It’s also active internationally, offering a zero-commissions on local shares. There is also no commission for transferring currencies to and from banks and other financial institutions. However, Fidelity does charge a commission when trading on the interbank market, so if you’re looking for a more competitive exchange rate, look elsewhere.

Besides the user-friendliness of Fidelity’s platform, the company’s mobile app has more advanced features than E-Trade’s. The Fidelity app allows you to pay bills, place trades, and contact customer support through your phone. These features are especially useful for those who want to invest on a small budget.

The Fidelity brokerage offers a variety of investment accounts for novices, as well as educational materials and technical tools for investors of all levels. It also offers low fees and flexible trading conditions, including price alerts. The Fidelity website provides all relevant documentation for its products and services, and it also publishes all the legal documentation on its website for free.

Fidelity has a new app that makes portfolio monitoring, research, and trading easier. The app offers a customizable newsfeed and even allows you to schedule appointments with advisors. The platform also features stock and ETF research from 30 third-party providers, and stock option strategies from LiveVol. Among the many other features, the Fidelity mobile app lets you access a scorecard that evaluates the accuracy of the recommendations provided by different research firms.

Another advantage of Fidelity Investments is its affiliate program. Traders do not have to pay any fees for referring new customers to their trading platform. All they have to do is to register with the company and write personal recommendations in their favor. Once your referral links are approved, the company will send you a proposal for cooperation.

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