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Forex rebates are an excellent way to earn extra cash from your trades. Generally, forex rebates are paid to traders via a third-party provider. They link to your forex trading account and pay you a cash rebate for every trade you make. These rebate programs are completely safe to use and can be very beneficial for your forex trading. However, it is important to choose a reputable forex rebates provider.

Cash Back Forex has a large network of forex brokers affiliated with them. These brokers offer competitive spreads on major currency pairs, and you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. Many brokers offer just two pip spreads on major currency pairs, while others offer a spread of as little as one pip. You can also choose the leverage level you want, as many brokers offer up to 500:1 leverage. However, you must have at least 200 units of the base currency to open a full sized contract.

One of the biggest obstacles for forex traders is the cost of trading. This expense can quickly accumulate and quickly wipe out an investor’s investment. Forex rebates allow traders to reduce this cost and increase their chances of success. However, you must still use your trading skill to make up the difference.

There are also many risks associated with rebate trading. While you will not make huge profits by using rebates, they can help you reduce your overall cost of trading. The rebates typically reduce the spreads you pay, allowing you to trade with lower spreads. In addition, they can improve your win ratio. The average rebate will pay you about two pips in extra cash per trade.

The rebates you earn are paid directly to your trading account or to your Internet Wallet. Many rebate sites will pay you daily or on a monthly basis. The cashbacks you earn will show up on your trading account within a few days. If you want to withdraw your cash back, you can do so via NETELLER, PayPal, or China Unionpay. These withdrawals will be credited to your account within three business days.

The CashbackForex Premium Calculator helps you calculate your Forex rebates, taking into account your preferences. This calculator takes into account your chosen currency pair, forex broker, and account type. It then calculates the rebate for different periods. For example, if you trade EURUSD a lot five times per day, you can get up to 1.6 points of rebate for your account. This can translate into over $1,600 a month.

A rebate service works as a ranking system, ranking brokers based on the best trading conditions and rebate offers. It relies on feedback from traders who have used the service. Some rebate services even have a compensation fund that protects you against losses. These services also offer free legal support and promise to help you in any way they can.

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