How to Claim Premium Forex Cashback

premium forex cashback

A premium forex cashback program is available from a number of Forex brokers. It is a form of cashback that can be redeemed by forex traders for their purchases. The rebate amount depends on the amount of trades made on the particular broker’s account. The rebate is generally higher for higher volume trades.

The Premium Calculator is a useful tool for calculating Forex rebates. It considers various variables, including the type of trading account and the currency pair. The tool will then calculate the amount of rebate based on your trading preferences. For example, if you make five trades a day with EURUSD, you can expect to earn $1,680 per month by claiming the rebate.

Another premium forex cashback program is ForexCashbackRebate, founded in September 2013. This company provides a User Dashboard, works with popular forex brokerage companies and does not charge any additional fees or commissions. Moreover, its clients can withdraw their rebates via secure payment systems. The site also offers email support and chat support.

Forex rebates are becoming a popular form of financial incentive for traders. Forex brokers and third-party companies offer this program to attract new clients and retain their existing ones. Forex rebates can help traders improve their profitability by reducing costs while increasing the scope of profitable trades. They are especially useful for scalpers and those who trade in short time frames.

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