How to Find the Highest Forex Rebate Provider

highest forex rebate

When it comes to forex rebates, it’s important to find a program that can offer you the highest cashback. There are several online platforms that can offer you this benefit. PipRebate, for example, offers up to 90% rebates on your trades, and they also offer a $10 welcome bonus. Other forex rebate sites include 100forexrebates, pipsbackfx, and, which list 60 top forex brokers and offer the best cashback rates.

FXTM is a Cyprus-based forex broker. Its trading services feature hundreds of tradable instruments and are available at low floating spreads. It also offers a rebate program for clients with an account registered with the CySEC and the South African financial regulatory agency. Regardless of your trading style, FXTM can help you earn more money.

Another international forex rebates provider is Premium Trading, which offers rebates of up to 80 percent on spreads without additional fees. The company has a special rebates calculator that calculates the amount of money you’ll earn through your trades. Forex rebates are determined by several factors, including broker, instrument, lot size, and number of trades per day. These rebates are credited to your trading account on the fifth to fifteenth of every month. Withdrawals can be made through WebMoney or Neteller.

A forex rebate is a great way to cut down on the cost of trading, including spread and commission. It is important to choose a rebate provider that offers a large enough rebate to offset the cost of trading. This type of rebate is not available for every broker. Some rebates providers are willing to mark up the costs of trading, and this can jeopardize their reputation and business.

Forex rebates can vary greatly, depending on the type of trading you do. Some rebates are volume-based, while others are based on the type of account you have with them. Using a rebate calculator can help you choose the best rebate provider based on your trading style. The Premium Calculator allows you to enter in the currency pair you’re interested in, choose a forex broker, and choose an account type. Then, the tool will take into account typical spreads, Forex cash back rates, and the amount of Forex rebates you’ll earn over a certain period of time. For example, if you trade EURUSD, you can earn up to 1.6 points of rebate every month, if you trade five times daily. This would amount to approximately $1680 a month in Forex rebates.

Another option to consider is the Cashback Forex service. This company offers a user dashboard and works with many popular forex brokerage firms. This platform doesn’t charge additional fees for the same account type as other forex brokerage firms, and it keeps spreads and commissions at the same level. It also offers reliable customer support and payouts through secure payment systems.

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