How to Use a Cashback Forex Calculator

cashback forex calculator

A cashback forex calculator is a handy tool that can help traders calculate their cashback. It uses the rebate rate per traded lot and total volume traded to determine the profit that the trader can expect. It is important to note that the rebate amount will vary depending on the currency pair that is being traded. For example, if the trader is trading BTC against USD, he will receive $2 back for every trade. Alternatively, he may trade ETH against USD, or LTC against USD.

A cashback forex calculator will take into account your trading preferences and calculate the rebate amount for you. You can input your preferences, such as the number of trades per day and type of account. The calculator will then work out the rebate amount for various periods of time. If you make five trades a day, you will earn $1,680 each month from 1.6 points of rebate on EURUSD.

Forex rebates are a great way to improve your win rate. Forex rebates are when the broker pays you a certain percentage of the cost of a transaction back to you. This results in a lower spread and a higher win ratio. Forex rebates also allow you to use your preferred FX broker.

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